I woke up one morning my weight loss and getting fit journey and got on the scale to find that it was higher today than yesterday.  I've been counting calories each day and working out, needless to say I felt let down.  I know that focusing on a number is counterproductive to the mindset I have worked so hard to achieve.  In the past I weighed myself daily, and I may do that again in the future. I truly believe if you are someone who doesn't allow it to affect your moods, then it's great. I aspire to be like you. For me, the problem is weight loss varies significantly, depending on how much I exercise, muscle vs. fat, how much salt is in or on my food, water intake and so many other variables.  

In the past, after my illness, if I lost a pound, I ate to celebrate.  If I gained a pound, I ate out of disappointment. Happy - eat, Sad - eat - eat, eat, eat. With my awakened realization back to well-being, I know if I am eating healthful and working out, it's all good.  If I do not see a deviation on the scale, one week, I have to ascertain why.  If we know we are doing all the right things, then a scale shouldn't matter. Right?  Logically yes, emotionally is another story because I'm a little perturbed right now. Usually, I'd say the heck with it and eat junk food but not today.  I am going to continue my journey on the path that leads to a healthier, happier, and more energetic me. My self esteem will not be determined by a piece of equipment that reads out numbers. If I'm not eating healthy I expect the number to go up.  

I exercised since I was a teenager.  I usually am very health conscious. The past year and ½ it's been difficult.   Today was still an excellent eating day for me.  I didn’t allow it to get to me this time.  It’s only a number and I know I’m doing everything right! Bravo to me!!!!!!!

I'm not saying, by any means if you weigh yourself everyday to track your results that you shouldn't. I'm saying that we need to keep it in perspective and know if we are doing the right things then the weight loss and positive outcome will follow.

How are you doing?  Does the scale play a part in your progress? Does it hurt your progress or make it better? Think about it.



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