This workout DVD was excellent.  if you know me then you know I love Leslie Sansone so I am reviewing her DVD's first for the New Year.  You can find my review of Leslie's other workout video on my Poughkeepsie Journal Blog by clicking on this link

This Walk to the Hits workout went by quickly and it was fun. There were some new moves that I haven't seen before from Leslie; more movement, more fun and it was HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training - which is really ideal for burning fat and losing weight, in my opinion.  The workout features women and men of all sizes.  It's a wonderful workout for advanced workout buffs but it's just as great for someone just starting, all you have to do is not jump around as much...that's the great thing about all of her workouts; they are good for all levels. 

I chose to do the entire workout today which is 47 minutes/3 miles but you have the choice to do it all, 1, 2 or 3 miles. 

Take it from me, this is a must-do.  Loved it!!!!