Don’t ever give up…believe…have faith…keep moving forward!  I was pleasantly surprised when I found something I had been looking for.

There are times that what we are searching for, whether it be a job, relationship or even a mindset and it feels as if they are so far out of reach. We may send out 100 resumes, meet 20 people, go to 20 interviews, go on many dates to find the right individual; whatever it is when there seems like there is just no means to an end; it feels as if you are spinning your wheels, remember, as I say so many times…sometimes when you think there is no hope or you just feel like giving up and saying to heck with it…it’s right there…right around the corner…right after that next step you take. We have to get through the clouds and rain to come into the sun and find the rainbow.  If you just keep following your dreams you may be pleasantly surprised as I was.

I am a go getter and at times others think I’m nuts but I don’t care what other people think. I keep going for what I want in life and I keep believing it will come and thinking thoughts of abundance and eventually what I am hoping for comes to fruition. The Law of Attraction is something I definitely live my life by. You never know how it’s going to show up in your life either…so…pay attention.

You cannot be happy with or because of someone else. Can they add joy and more happiness to your life? HECK YEAH!!!!! I am happy with myself; even with my flaws…even through life's craziness…I still do my best every day to come out shining; with a positive attitude, good thoughts and good intentions. I always think about what I am grateful for. Does this mean I'm happy all the time. NO!!!!!!!! I'm human!

Keep striving, praying, having faith and believing in what you are dreaming about and don’t give up. Sometimes you may need to change direction or tweak what you are doing but if you know there is a new beginning; that person who is out there, to be your ideal weight or at your best fitness level, the job or career you’ve been hoping for…then keep going! If you definitely know 100% something is a dead end…then of course that is another story… but when you are taking all the right steps and moving forward you will most likely get to exactly where you want to be even with allllll the setbacks and disappointments.

Good luck!!!!! Keep truckin’